(Quick Reference)



Includes JavaScript libraries and scripts as well as providing a shorthand for inline JavaScript.


// actually imports '/app/js/myscript.js'
<g:javascript src="myscript.js" />



If you do not include a "src" attribute but instead provide a body, the result is an inline script.

If you use this tag to render inline JavaScript code, it is recommended that you use the Resources plugin’s <r:script> tag to produce inline script that is included at the end of the body, or in the head if necessary - rather than inline. For more control use the Resources plugin’s <r:script> tag directly.


  • contextPath (optional) - the context path to use (relative to the application context path). Defaults to "" or path to the plugin for a plugin view or template.

  • src (optional) - The name of the JavaScript file to import. Will look in /appname/js directory

  • plugin (optional) - The plugin to look for the JavaScript in