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Renders the appropriate HTML linking markup for an external resource such as a CSS file, a JavaScript file, or a favicon.

This is a convenience that takes the boilerplate out of the often verbose <link> and <script> tags, with auto-sensing of file types.

This tag is aware of the Resources plugin, and if it’s installed it will correctly generate links to static resources processed by the plugin.


Example usages for the "shop" app:

<g:external dir="css" file="main.css" />
Output: <link href="/shop/css/main.css" type="text/css"
              rel="stylesheet" media="screen, projector"/>

<g:external uri="/images/icons/favicon.ico"/>
Output: <link href="/shop/images/icons/favicon.ico" rel="favicon"/>

<g:external uri="/images/icons/favicon.png"/>
Output: <link href="/shop/images/icons/favicon.gif" rel="favicon"/>

<g:external dir="images/icons" file="iphone.png" type="appleicon"/>
Output: <link href="/shop/images/icons/favicon.gif" rel="apple-touch-icon"/>



  • base (optional) - Sets the prefix to be added to the link target address, typically an absolute server URL. This overrides the behaviour of the absolute property if both are specified.

  • contextPath (optional) - the context path to use (relative to the application context path). Defaults to "" or path to the plugin for a plugin view or template.

  • dir (optional) - the name of the directory containing the resource

  • file (optional) - the name of the resource file

  • absolute (optional) - If true will prefix the link target address with the value of the grails.serverURL property from application.groovy, or http://localhost:<port>; if there is no setting in application.groovy and not running in production.

  • plugin (optional) - The plugin to look for the resource in

  • type (optional) - The type of the link. Normally this is auto-detected by file extension, but you can override it. Each type name has an associated set of default attributes and tag type.

  • uri (optional) - The app-relative URI of the resource, as an alternative to dir/file

Any extra attributes supplied will override values provided as a default for the type.

The types supported are:

  • css - Sets type="text/css", rel="stylesheet", media="screen, projector"

  • js - Sets type="text/javascript", writer="js"

  • gif - Sets rel="shortcut icon"

  • jpg - Sets rel="shortcut icon"

  • ico - Sets rel="shortcut icon"

  • png - Sets rel="shortcut icon"

  • appleicon - Sets rel="apple-touch-icon"