(Quick Reference)



Sets the value of a variable accessible with the GSP page.


<g:set var="tomorrow" value="${new Date() + 1}" />

<g:set var="counter" value="${1}" />
<g:each in="${list}">
    ${counter}.&nbsp; ${it} -> ${counter % 2 == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd'}
    <g:set var="counter" value="${counter + 1}" /><br/>

Using scopes:

<g:set var="foo" value="${new Date()}" scope="page" />
<g:set var="bar" value="${new Date() - 7}" scope="session" />

Using the body contents:

<g:set var="foo">Hello!</g:set>

Get a bean from the applicationContext by name:

<g:set var="bookService" bean="bookService"/>

Get a bean from the applicationContext by type:

<%@ page import="org.springframework.context.MessageSource" %>
<g:set var="messageSource" bean="${MessageSource}"/>



  • var - The name of the variable

  • value - The initial value

  • bean - The name or the type of a bean in the applicationContext; the type can be an interface or superclass

  • scope - Scope to set variable in, one of request, page, flash or session. Defaults to page.